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In 1961, two miracles took place: Bob Proctor picked up Napoleon Hill's book, Think And Grow Rich, and three months later, Bob's son Brian was born. To say Bob's life would never be the same is an understatement - and that's true for the millions of people blessed with Bob's impact ever since, too.

Brian was one of the luckiest guys in the world. He was literally with Bob every step of the way as he took his income from $4,000 per year to $175,000... and then into the multi-millions. More important than the shift in income, Brian got to witness first-hand how Bob Proctor not only knew the secret... he lived it. Both on stage, as well as in his private life. On every level and in every situation.

Watch as Rich Fournier interviews Brian Proctor, son of the late Bob Proctor.

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