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Restart. Create. Thrive.

Restart Today

This 24 week transformational 1-on-1 coaching program is designed to open your mind up to new possibilities for yourself, to see that you are in control of more than you have believed. I'm here as your guide, to help you explore why you are getting the results that you are currently getting and to take you through a 24 week step by step journey to change the trajectory so that you can achieve the results you truly desire.


To get the most of this training, engage with the material, with your fellow learners and make a commitment to yourself - you deserve it!

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"Knowledge is power, community is strength and positive attitude is everything."

Lance Armstrong

Program Details

This 6 month paradigm-shifting, educational program guides you to create a new way of being and operating so that you can produce the results you desire in your business and personal life.


Weekly guided lesson focused exclusively on reprogramming your base operating system


Weekly open office hours to drill down on material from the week and expand your understanding


Access to Laser Hours focused on private 15 minute strategy calls to tackle weekly challenges


Unlimited support via text or phone when additional understanding of the material is needed


Private Facebook community to foster networking with other like-minded individuals


Weekly video lessons from Author and Success Guru, Bob Proctor


Audio downloads of the course material for listening on the go


200+ page workbook to facilitate a deeper understanding of the course material

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This program is designed to teach you how to make massive changes in your life and we've seen the results from clients growing their businesses, strengthening their relationships or finding a purpose and passion that sets them on fire. There is one thing in common with all those successes - the individuals who benefited the most made a firm commitment to themselves, consistently put in the work and followed the program.

If you can't honestly tell yourself you are willing to put in the work, then this coaching program may not be right for you at this time. If you are prepared to make that commitment, then we welcome you and look forward to celebrating your successes!

*Results are dependent on your efforts are not guaranteed

"Find a group of people that challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."

Amy Poehler

What To Expect

Once you've made a commitment to yourself, here's what you can expect:

You will receive a welcome email with instructions.

A link will be provided for you to schedule an onboarding call with Rich Fournier, Founder and Lead Coach, where you will discuss your goals.

An email will be sent with login information for your digital materials.

You will receive a welcome package, mailed to your home.

What Our Clients Say

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“Every time we spend time with you, we are more productive. You believed in us so much. You make us feel like we can do whatever we set our mind to.”

Phoebe & Ike Okereke

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Commit on Your Terms

With 2 payment options, you can select the commitment that fits your needs best - we can't wait to see your transformation!

Full Investment


Pay in full to save more than $900

6 Month Payment Plan


*6 payments of $1,667/month for flexibility

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